About Us

We believe sterling silver should be stylish, affordable and fun to wear. We make that possible for you!


Our History

Ann Jayne started Sterling Expressions in April 2014. She has been involved in the jewelry industry for over 30 years. Ann is a graduate of Conners jewelers Institute for jewelry design, merchandising and repair. She has also taken several G.I.A. courses online.

After having worked in several large and privately owned jewelry stores and chains over the years, Ann decided that the consumer needed to know that quality jewelry didn’t have to cost so much. Stores have an outrageous mark-up because they have a lot of overhead.

Starting small, Ann built up her business skills while raising her children. They all have extensive knowledge of jewelry and gemstones too! She had several booths at rodeos, faires, boutiques, antique malls, tea shops…… well, you get the idea. Anywhere to be able to give people the opportunity to purchase quality jewelry at inexpensive prices.

When her youngest child was about to turn 18, she started working this business full-time and has given it all her attention, skills and creativeness to build it to the large scale it is now. She will continue to build it until Sterling Expressions becomes a household name and is the first place you go to buy sterling silver jewelry at affordable prices!


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